Warner Brothers Theme Park

Located to the south of Madrid, the Warner Bros park is divided into five themed areas. Entry to the park is along ‘Hollywood Boulevard’, the Mecca of film, and the home of stars and theme shops. The ‘Movie World Studios’ area, besides revealing the secrets behind the best special effects on the big screen, also offers incredible live shows with shoot-outs, chases and explosions. Action is guaranteed in the ‘Superheroes World’ area and young children can see their favourite cartoon characters at ‘Cartoon Village’: Donald Duck, Tweety Pie, Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones and more. The ‘Old West Territory’ takes you back to the Wild West, with huge, wooden roller coasters and wild, dangerous waterfalls. Great fun for all the family and something for children of every age


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Madrid Zoo Aquarium

The biggest zoo in Spain, offering visitors the chance to take a tour of over 2000 from all over the world. The zoo holds popular animals such as giant pandas and koalas with each area is specially designed to adapt to the different species. The Aquarium comprises 35 tanks with notable species on display such as the bull shark, while the Dolphinarium stages various spectacular shows daily. The Aviary is home to birds of prey and exotic species flying free. The exhibition 'Mysterious Nature' features smaller vertebrates and poisonous snakes, and the the 'Little Farm' is the ideal place for young children to have fun while they learn.


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The Madrid Amusement Park

The Madrid amusement park has more than 40 exciting rides and attractions just minutes from the centre of Madrid. Attractions such as The Tornado, The Shuttle and The Turbine can be found alongside their legendary hanging roller coaster that reaches speeds of up to 80 km/h, huge swings with 180º movement, and a 63-metre free-fall ride are all sure to make your visit an unforgettable experience! The excitement continues with water rides such as The Fiords and The Rapids - the perfect way to cool off. There is a specially designed children’s area with roller coasters and water rides, bumper cars and a pirate ship, all in "mini" size. Additional attractions include puppet theatres, train rides and an adventure playground.


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Aquapolis Water Park

Escape the heat on hot summer days with a trip to Aquapolis, our local water park with slides and rides for children of all ages and adults alike. Get the blood pumping on super slides, black holes, twisters, huge downhill courses, rapids, or swim in adventure lake or the wave pools! Looking for something more relaxed? Then just crash out on a sun lounger with a good book whilst the kids go wild!


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Faunia Nature Park

This nature theme park recreates some of the different habitats on the planet. Emperor penguins, tiger fish and European lynx are just a few of the animal species you can see without leaving the city. It is divided into 14 themed areas that visitors can explore and the park recreates four of the ecosystems found in different areas of the planet: the Polar Regions, the Amazon jungle, the Mediterranean forest and the African jungle. Area's include the ‘Flamingo Lake’, the ‘Pelican Lake’, the area of the ‘Shadows’ (with nocturnal animals), the insects and plants in the ‘Garden of Eden’, the Beehive, the ‘Farm’ (where animals can be fed and petted), the Nest, Wallaby Territory (with species from the Australian outback). Faunia also has displays and shows featuring birds of prey and you have the opportunity to swim with pelicans and sea lions!


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